Meet Our Staff

Administrator: Marilyn Files                                                                            John Davis  RCF Administrator: Paula Fortune
Worked in the Facility since 2015                                                                   Worked in the facility since 2010
Licensed Administrator since 2002                                                      


 Director of Nursing: Keashia Plummer, RN                                                   Medicare Coordinator: Starla Buford, RN
Worked in the Facility since 2018                                                                   Worked in the facility since 2018                                                                                  

Assistant Director of Nursing: Lora McCoy, RN                                             Certified Dietary Manager: Kathy Caskey
Worked in Facility since 2003                                                                         Worked in the facility since 2008                                                                                

Social Director: Jina Daniel                                                                             Activity Director: Rhonda Smith

Worked in Facility since 2013                                                                         Worked in facility since 2012
Licensed Social Worker                                                                                  Certified Activity Director                                                                             


Office Manager: Beth Fields                                                                                                                                       
Worked in Facility since 2012

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